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ZACC Arrests Zanu-PF Politician For land Fraud

ZACC Arrests Zanu-PF Politician: Patson Chipunza Caught in Land Fraud Scandal

In a move that has sparked renewed scrutiny of corruption within Zimbabwe’s political circles, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has arrested Patson Chipunza, a Zanu-PF councillor for Ward 11 in Seke.

Chipunza stands accused of fraudulently subdividing and selling land belonging to the estate of the late former Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Amos Midzi.

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Zanu-PF Councillor Arrested for Alleged Land Fraud

According to the allegations, in December 2022, Chipunza reportedly subdivided Subdivision 1 of Earling Farm in Beatrice and hired an agent to advertise the parceled-out land for sale. This caught the attention of Phillip Chapfunga, who approached the agent and was then referred to Chipunza, who allegedly posed as the village head and owner of the land.

Acting on Chipunza’s apparent misrepresentation, Chapfunga purchased a 63-hectare plot for $29,000 and invested an additional $41,000 in farm infrastructure. However, the fraud was eventually uncovered by a co-executor of Midzi’s estate, who promptly reported the matter to ZACC, leading to Chipunza’s arrest.

Chipunza is set to appear in court on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, to face the charges against him.

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Zimbabweans React As ZACC Arrests Zanu-PF Politician

After news broke that ZACC had arrested a Zanu-PF politician, Zimbabweans weighed in on X (formerly Twitter). Most pointed out that this is a small case compared to the ones that ZACC has bungled. Here are some of the comments:


The Herald, a few weeks ago, reported that a prosecutor was jailed 10 years for asking for a bribe in order to facilitate Henrietta Rushwaya’s case of gold smuggling. Surprisingly, the accused Henrietta is not yet convicted, if not acquitted already 😂. Inyika rudziiko iyi 🤦🏾


Thats a tiny fish, why not go for bigger fish


Focusing on small fish while leaving the whales swim free. And has this councillor been arrested for selling land or specifically because the land belonged to a former Zanu minister?

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