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World Ag Expo announces Top 10 new products | business

World Ag Expo 2024 is home to thousands of exhibitors and is expected to bring in more than 100,000 visitors during its three-day run from Feb. 13-15 in Tulare at the International Agri-Center.

Ahead of the expo, the top ten new products were announced.

Products range from autonomous farming equipment to essential devices for simple farming solutions. The ten competition winners are showcased during the opening ceremony and awards session on Tuesday, Feb. 13.

Automation is a theme threading the ten products.

Farm-ng’s Amiga V7 enables farmers to haul, tow, spray, and assist in other tasks. The platform allows for data collection and other API functions. It has 1.3HP.

BlueSpray is a BlueWhite product that autonomously sprays to reduce chemicals and spray drift. Its data is available to users for insights, compliance and optimization.

Burro Grande is a fully autonomous platform. Its towing capacity is 5,000 pounds. It can carry, follow and tow. When paired with Atlas, the user can construct, manage, and share routes with other platforms.

The electric herbicide sprayer by GUSS is the first of its kind. The autonomous electric orchard sprayer is a driverless platform enabling users to control eight at once.

EZ Cut Seal Remover holds up to 25 seals. It is a simple, and quick solution to remove chemical container seals.

Verdant Robotics Model B Smart Sprayer eradicates weeds in any field. The Bullseye Technology used in the smart sprayer is millimeter-level precision.

The Oliver Colibri uses automated camera technology to mechanically remove weeds. It is the only mechanical weeder available for high density weeding applications.

Eliminating wheel issues and preventing flat tires, the Shark Wheel SWIFT is specialized for center pivot irrigation. It can be repaired in 60 seconds.

The first autonomous tree shaker, Shockwave X, is a driverless platform enabling operators to work in areas without cell signal and heavy dust.

The Standard PTO Kit is designed to eliminate tractor and implement difficulties. It enhances safety when hooking up the PTO driven implement to the tractor PTO shaft. It is a simple device that offers protection and benefits a farmer’s fleet regardless of size or type.

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