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Tenants at local mobile park say property owners won’t help after days without water

Families living in the Pleasant Acres Mobile Home Park tell ABC 6 it’s been 3-days since they last had running water.

Those living there, coming to us, saying property owners are simply ignoring their calls for help.

We’ve spent days at the property connecting with tenants, demanding answers from the management team and owners, also working to get the water flowing for those families that desperately need it.

“They say they’re working on it,” a tenant who wished to remain anonymous told ABC 6. “That’s all we’ve gotten. I haven’t seen maintenance not even people who work here neighbors are helping other neighbors.”

“They should be liable for the damage done to others property caused by their neglect to the pump house,” another tenant said.

Tenants say the water went out throughout the property early Sunday morning, and most are still without a reliable source of running water.

We spoke to the property manager Monday. At that time we were told, management is aware of the problem, and working to fix it.

At this point, the issue still not resolved, and since ABC 6 first started looking into this, we’ve been contacted by more than 10 other residents with the same issue.

One tenant who didn’t want to reveal her identity for fear of being evicted told us it’s the property owners responsibility to address this issue.

“Whatever the case may be,” she said, “I would be liable for the damage done to my property. But because the pump house went down causing the freeze I shouldn’t be liable for that.”

The property is under the jurisdiction of the Ohio Department of Commerce.

We reached out to the department to find out if they know about these issues and if they can push the owners of the park, Stackhouse Management to make those vital repairs.

ABC 6 has also reached out to Stackhouse Management for a comment and is waiting to hear back.

In the meantime, those at the park are in a tough spot, living without water.

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