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HomenewsSpirit of Aurora serving Aurora community since 1989

Spirit of Aurora serving Aurora community since 1989

An organization in Aurora is spearheading a sense of community and putting a focus on the quality of life for people living there. 

Since 1989, the Spirit of Aurora has been aiding in a variety of city and local community programs. These include homeless outreach and youth services programs. It also gives funds to the historic Aurora Fox Arts Center and Secor Cares, which works in partnership with the Aurora Police Department.  

Since 1989, the Spirit of Aurora has been aiding for a variety of city and local community programs. 

Spirit of Aurora

They also help to host a wide range of mobile food events throughout the city for the benefit of seniors, immigrants, refugees, and those experiencing homelessness. One organization they support is “Get Real Change,” which aims to help curb panhandling and in turn help support the city’s programs to address homelessness. 

Board chair Heather Dearman says they’re focused on making Aurora a tight-knit community by helping to fund the parks, recreational, and open space. 

“It just helps our community grow and be a place where people can feel welcomed and want to be a part of and like, it can attract people who want to live here to our beautiful city as well,” Spirit of Aurora Board Chair Heather Dearman said. 

For Dearman, the Spirit of Aurora helped her and her family in a great time of need. Dearman’s cousin Veronica Moser-Sullivan and her unborn sibling died in the Aurora Theater Shooting. Through the 7/20 Memorial Foundation, Dearman got involved with the Spirit of Aurora. 

“I just remember my hometown, the city of Aurora, coming together to support our family and everyone who was affected by it. And I saw the love and the hope and the community outreach in Aurora. And it just really inspired me to want to be a part of making Aurora a better place,” she said. 

The Spirit of Aurora helps to fund many nonprofits by supporting them with grants. Every donation will go 100% directly to the program of your choice. Also, nonprofits can apply for a sponsorship or grant from the Spirit of Aurora at the website

LINK: Spirit of Aurora

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