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Rovio’s Moomin mobile game goes offline in July

After two years, Rovio is pulling the plug on Moomin: Puzzle & Design on July 8.

Development on the mobile game, per PocketGamer, wrapped last week on April 11. The title had a soft launch in 2022, and recently came to the US, Japan, Poland, and Finland.

In a statement to the outlet, Rovio explained Moomin failed to reach the “very high standard for games that we launch globally.”

Rovio entered a six-year partnership to make Moomin games back in 2021. Under the agreement, it can make titles for “any platform” and mobile games exclusively.

To date, Puzzles & Design is the only game to come from this deal, even though it’s never earned its own page on the Rovio website.

The Angry Birds creator was acquired by Sega last year, and at the time, the two talked of potential crossovers. It’s unknown if Sega has any interest in doing that with Moomin, or creating another game for the popular Finnish character.

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