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HomenewsReconstruction on Track for Zimbabwe's Decommissioned Primary School

Reconstruction on Track for Zimbabwe’s Decommissioned Primary School

Zimbabwe’s Globe and Phoenix Primary School Set for Reconstruction with Aid from Development Partners

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In a significant development, the Zimbabwean Government has announced a successful partnership with several development organizations to initiate the much-needed reconstruction of the Globe and Phoenix Primary School in Kwekwe District. The school had to be decommissioned in March of the previous year after several classroom blocks collapsed into deserted mining tunnels, a grim reminder of illegal mining activities in the area.

Reconstruction with a Proven Partner

The new site for the school was generously provided by Kuvimba Mining Holdings. However, financial constraints had been a roadblock in starting the construction work, resulting in students attending classes in temporary tents and outdoors. In a welcome turn of events, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Torerai Moyo, revealed the government’s collaboration with The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. The Church has committed to building classroom blocks, with an ambitious target of completion within the current term. This faith-based organization has already demonstrated its capability, having constructed 62 classroom blocks in Bulawayo within a span of just three months.

Pooling Resources for Quality Education

In addition to the collaboration with the Church, the government is also receiving much-needed support from individual philanthropists and long-standing partners like the Global Partnership in Education, CAMFED, and UNICEF. These partnerships are expected to significantly hasten the reconstruction process, leading to improved learning conditions for the students.

Government’s Pledge towards Education

While highlighting the importance of timely tuition fee payments by parents for the sustainability and development of schools, Minister Moyo assured that the government would ensure the disbursal of funds for the less privileged students under the Basic Education Assistance Model (BEAM) by February. He announced that a considerable sum of $9 billion would be dispatched as the initial tranche to schools. Moyo also emphasized the need for maintaining clean and hygienic school environments to prevent the spread of diseases such as cholera, underlining the government’s commitment to ensuring safe and conducive learning environments for the students.

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