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Putin admits that Russia sets world records for grain export at expense of occupied territories

In 2023, Russia exported at least 4 million tonnes of grain from the occupied territories after the start of the full-scale invasion.

Source: This was stated on 16 January by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Quote: “Russia continues to hold the first place in the world in wheat sales in global markets. People who previously worked in agricultural production probably could not even imagine it,” he said.

Details: Putin claims that in 2023, the Russian Federation only harvested roughly four million tonnes of grain in the areas it had taken over following its full-scale invasion.

“It’s not simple to count in these areas for various reasons, [conducting] statistics is expensive there, etc. But it doesn’t matter,” Putin said.

At the same time, as the Russian economic information agency Prime had previously reported, Russia started updating its gross grain harvest records for 2022.

That’s precisely when the new occupied territories of Ukraine witnessed an outbreak of widespread grain theft.

As a result, Russia updated its record for the gross grain harvest in 2022, harvesting a total of 157.676 million tonnes.

In 2023, the record for the second-highest gross grain harvest was achieved.

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