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Mothers sought as hospital’s milk bank stocks run low

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A hospital is calling on new mothers to help boost its milk bank stock as its reserves are running exceptionally low.

University Hospital Southampton collects breast milk from donors that is then fed to premature babies and those who have had abdomen surgery.

The hospital is looking for women who have a baby under six months old and who are non-smokers to donate.

Its milk bank is the central bank for the southern region, providing donor milk to six other hospitals and trusts.

 Tania Gane, milk bank team member at the hospital, said “Donating milk is one of the most precious gifts anyone could offer.

“This milk helps save the lives of premature and sick babies throughout the south. And for some mums, it bridges the gap whilst they are establishing their milk supply.

 “It would be lovely to have more donors to boost our stocks.”

New mum Jennifer Blandford wants to highlight the importance of donated milk after her son Teddy was born at 32 weeks.

“Teddy had to receive donor milk after his birth, whilst we waited for my milk to come in,” she said.

“Once I started feeding, I was producing a lot of excess milk – I didn’t actually realise how much I had until Tania showed me.

“We were so thankful that Teddy had someone else’s milk for those first few days, it just made sense to pass it on and also seemed the right thing to do”

Donors have to have a blood test and also need to consume less than two units of alcohol a week.

 Milk is collected from the donor’s home by courier bike and taken to the hospital. – BBC

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