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Inspectors Abednico Ncube

Wilbrought Ndlovu, Sunday News Reporter

A man in his early twenties committed suicide by crawling under a bus and got his head crushed in Bulawayo’s Central Business District on Tuesday morning.

Police in Bulawayo have identified the now deceased as Darlington Muriri.

In an interview with the Sunday News, the provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Abednico Ncube said Muriri crawled and slept under the bus aligning his heard with the left rear wheel before it started moving.

“The accident occurred around 9am where a 31 year old man of Luveve was driving a bus along Hebert Chitopo Street. He stopped at the robots as it was red on his side. The now deceased crawled and slept under the buss aligning his head with the left rear wheel. When the robot was in favor of the bus driver, he drove his bus unaware of the presence of the now deceased under the bus. The bus crushed his head and he died on the spot. A police report was made,” said Insp Ncube.

“The body of the now deceased was taken to United Bulawayo Hospital for post mortem,” he said.

The police urged the members of public to seek counselling whenever they encounter problems than to resorting in taking their own lives.


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