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Local teen is the first in Wisconsin to earn Women International Master title in chess

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — A Milwaukee teenager has made a groundbreaking move in the world of chess, setting a new standard for young female players in Wisconsin.

16-year-old Aradh Kaur, a sophomore at University School of Milwaukee, has become the first woman in Wisconsin to be awarded the Women International Master title. Her achievement came after a winning performance at the North American Youth Chess Championships in Mexico City in Dec. 2023.

The Women International Master title stands just one tier below the Women Grandmaster title and signifies a player’s advanced skill and success in international competitions.

Kaur’s journey in chess is not just a personal triumph but also a continuation of a family legacy. Her brother, Hersh, was recently named the first person in the state to attain the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Master title since 2013.

When speaking to CBS 58 after her brother’s win, she said that she first started playing chess because at the age of six when her grandfather taught her. She mentioned her excitement about the then-approaching tournament in Mexico City, revealing what she was most excited about during the trip.

“Getting a chance to get a title.”

In a statement issued Tuesday, Jan. 16 from University School of Milwaukee, Kaur shared insights into her winning strategy that came three hours into the match, where she was trapped into a complicated positioning and running low on time. After thinking about offering her opponent a draw, she opted to make a move.

“I thought my opponent would play her move in a few minutes, but it ended up taking her maybe 15 minutes.”

During that time, Kaur strategized and ultimately won the game, and with that, achieving the WIM title she told CBS 58 that she was excited for an opportunity to win.

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