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HomenewsLiberty alumnus and head of Smile for Africa elected to Zimbabwe Parliament

Liberty alumnus and head of Smile for Africa elected to Zimbabwe Parliament

Through his newly elected position as a representative in the National Assembly of Zimbabwe, Liberty University alumnus Albert Mavunga (’09, ’10, ’13) continues to pursue his passion of empowering others and bettering his community.

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Liberty alumnus Albert Mavunga (’09, ’10, ’13) serves in the Zimbabwean National Assembly. (Photos provided)

Mavunga, who represents the Nketa Constituency, began his first term in the National Assembly (the lower branch of the Zimbabwe Parliament) in December after winning the constituency’s by-elections earlier that month.

He said in his new role he is meeting with constituents to determine how he can best serve their interests. This includes serving the destitute and disabled members of the community and meeting with school officials about legislation that could encourage student growth.

“I believe I was born to work with the poor,” he said. “I was born to develop communities. I was born to empower communities. It’s a calling for me from God, and it’s my passion. Even from a young age, I have always had a desire see people live better lives and to see people get empowered spiritually, physically, and mentally. Whatever I do is centered around the empowerment of people in communities.”

He also works to promote overall economic growth in Nketa and Zimbabwe at large, efforts he said are sometimes hindered by obstacles such as United States sanctions against the country. He argued that these sanctions inhibit his government from fully providing the people with the resources they need to be successful.

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Albert Mavunga with some students from the Nketa Constituency on the first day of school in 2024

Prior to running for office, Mavunga began his work in humanitarianism through founding Smile for Africa and serves as director. The faith-based organization serves local communities by providing them with food, clean water, and access to education. Smile for Africa also runs an assisted living facility and drug rehabilitation center and leads evangelistic efforts through sports ministries.

Mavunga earned three degrees from Liberty, including an Associate of Arts in Religion, a Bachelor of Science in Communication, and a Master of Arts in Executive Leadership. He credits his time at the university and specifically his relationship with founder Dr. Jerry Falwell with equipping him to effectively reach the impoverished members of his society.

“Liberty has a holistic approach for shaping students to be Champions for Christ in the community,” said Mavunga, who has served as an international recruiter for Liberty. “It was not only the academics that we got in classes from the great teachers and professors, but also the spiritual aspect that we got on campus from these men and women of God.”

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Albert Mavunga greets the Republic of Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the airport to attend the National Day of Prayer in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

“I would give 80 percent of the credit for who I am academically and spiritually to the institution of Liberty University, which I believe is the greatest institution not only in the United States, but in the world,” he added.

Mavunga noted that Dr. Falwell’s life provided him a blueprint for how to engage in the sphere of politics as a Christian. While many people still associate politicians with deceitfulness, he hopes to use the platform that God has given him to positively impact his constituency and country through honesty.

“Through (Dr. Falwell’s example), I realized Christians can occupy that space and be able to be the light in the corridors of power and politics,” he said. “I know that it’s part of my journey to be an influencer in the space of politics. I believe that Christians should occupy that space because if we don’t, unbelievers will make laws that are not God-fearing and biblical. We need to fight and advocate for what is right in the eyes of God.”

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