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Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Correspondent

Newly crowned Miss Teen Ecotourism World 2022, Amanda Peresu says she is ready to take up her new role and has urged locals to support her as she executes her duties.

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The 19-year-old arrived in the country on Friday evening from Durban, South Africa where she was crowned queen after conquering several other contestants from different countries.

The pageant meant to promote ecotourism and advocate for the environment, nature, and wildlife conservation has afforded Peresu the opportunity to conserve and protect the earth, something that she is passionate about.

The social project was held under the theme, “Footprints4Change”.

“I feel honoured, super excited and encouraged since the work put in by myself and the people who supported my journey paid off! For my career, it means I’ve gained more experience as a model as the new title has put me in a bigger spotlight and platform that will attract lots of opportunities for me in the industry,” she said.

Among the duties that she is expected to perform are: “to promote and raise awareness on ecotourism; push for biodiversity conservation, a sustainable environment and moreover, solve other problems faced within communities.”

She said her key takeaway from the pageant was teamwork.

“My key takeaway was that working together surely pays off. Having people support your journey and involve you in their projects is a blessing. Most of all, I learnt that if you put God first, you’ll surely succeed!”

As the Miss Teen Ecotourism World 2022, Peresu advised locals to complement her efforts and think green so as to promote tourism.

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“Well, now that Zimbabwe is home to the world crown, we have a great responsibility which is to show that we deserve to hold the crown. So let us think green, act green and live green, all to promote ecotourism and save mother earth,” she said.

Apart from modelling, Peresu is an aspiring civil engineer and gospel musician who wishes to study at the National University of Science and Technology.

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