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THE involvement of more churches in the anti-drug campaign in the country is a welcome development towards effectively dealing with the drug scourge affecting mostly the youth.

It is only through joint effort that the problem of drug abuse in the country can be eradicated.

We, therefore, urge every member of society to join the anti-drug campaign and also cooperate with the police so that drug peddlers poisoning our youth are arrested and locked away.

On Sunday, Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Mahatshula West conducted a march to raise public awareness against drug and substance abuse in Bulawayo.

The event also coincided with a clean-up campaign that saw church members and residents picking up litter at the local shopping centre where the church also donated three bins.

The drug awareness campaign was targeting mostly the youths in the community.

Following President Mnangagwa’s directive for churches to complement Government efforts in the fight against drugs and substance abuse among youths, the SDA Church took up the challenge to lead from the forefront in raising public awareness against societal ills such as illicit drug dealing.

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Speaking at the national field day at his farm in Kwekwe on Saturday, President Mnangagwa reiterated his call for an integrated approach to stem drug abuse.

He said society should play its part and complement Government efforts if the country is to win the war against drug and substance abuse.

“We must collectively fight drug abuse at family, household, community, business levels, we must fight this together. It is no longer an issue that you say Government will do this for us, all of us must fight drug abuse, it is destroying our young generation,” he said.

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President Mnangagwa said the community should play its role by exposing drug peddlers and those who bring the drugs into the country so that they be brought to book.

Police, upon the orders of the President, have since embarked on a nationwide operation targeting drug dealers resulting in the arrest of a number of them.

“I have ordered police to arrest anyone who would be found drunk from drugs. The moment they wake up, they should be able to name the person who supplied them and they get arrested. That is the way we can end this menace,” he said.

In an interview during Sunday’s march, Mahatshula West SDA Church pastor, Khonzile Khumalo said raising awareness against drug abuse was critical in empowering youths to make informed decisions to quit and avoid illicit drugs.

“As the church, we believe God can change the life of a person regardless of their works. Youths and other individuals should be taught to live a life that is free from drugs for us to have a productive and healthy community,” said Pastor Khumalo.

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