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HomenewsIndia Pledges Support for Zimbabwe's Healthcare System

India Pledges Support for Zimbabwe’s Healthcare System

India has expressed its commitment to deepening ties with Zimbabwe, offering assistance in bolstering the African nation’s healthcare system, including the fight against cancer.

According to ZBC News, a partner of TV BRICS, Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Vijay Khanduja highlighted the strong historical and contemporary ties between the two nations. “Our relationship stretches back to the Mutapa State and the shared struggle for Zimbabwe’s independence,” he said. “Now, we are expanding our cooperation into the economic and health spheres.”

Ambassador Khanduja specifically mentioned ongoing discussions regarding the donation of cancer screening machines, signifying India’s dedication to supporting Zimbabwe’s battle against the disease.

This offer builds upon an established foundation of collaboration between the two countries. Zimbabwe participated in the 18th India-Africa Conclave held in New Delhi last year, which served as a platform to explore avenues for broader economic cooperation.

The proposed healthcare assistance aligns with India’s longstanding commitment to supporting development initiatives in Africa. This partnership has the potential to significantly improve healthcare access and outcomes for the people of Zimbabwe.

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