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Ikea makes a gaming play

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The unofficial embassy of Swedish living unveiled gaming decor this week that makes your home look like you’ve actually touched grass since the latest Legend of Zelda came out.

Ikea’s new 20-piece Brännboll furniture and accessory collection marries gaming with Nordic minimalism. Unlike the futuristic dark vibes of typical gamer furnishings, it mixes vibrant colors with neutral tones while prioritizing homeyness.

Starting in September, the joystick-wielding crowd can pick a new throne:

  • An inflatable bagel-shaped floor seat with a footstool that can be stored inside of it.
  • A swaying bungee chair that moves along with the player’s restless body.
  • A cushioned chair that pulls out into a chaise longue for leg support.

The options are meant to accommodate gamers’ peculiar posture and a preference for low seating. Brännboll also includes a rollable side table with a strap for storing a handheld console, a doored PC station that can be hidden away once it’s game over, and a wall-mounted display for trinkets.

Some observers think Ikea’s gaming foray is mostly a marketing gimmick, as many of the items are similar to its standard products.

Zoom out: Ikea says it’s on a quest for the hearts of 3.3 billion gamers worldwide, many of whom need somewhere to sit.—SK

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