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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

UP-AND-COMING artist Gusto (real name Augustus Siziba) has tried out the nascent Amapiano genre and will today release a single titled Ndigcine.

Gusto has always been an Afro-pop artiste but said he understands the need to evolve as the music industry is not stagnant. Ndigcine is part of a seven-track album to be released soon.

Songs on the album will include the title track Ndigcine, Ex yami, Khumbulekhaya, Why, Ngenzeni, Nguwe and UMalokazana.

Commenting on what Ndigcine is about, Gusto said it is a prayer to God for protection. The song features Poly Da Nqoe.

“Ndigcine is a prayer to God for protection from enemies. We live in a world rife with hate and violence so it only makes sense to ask for protection from God. So, this is a plea to the Almighty,” said Gusto.

The Insurance and Risk Management degree holder who is also a poet and author said he believes trying out new genres is very important for artistes if they are to grow artistically.

“In as much as we understand the need to stick to what you do best, it’s also critical to branch out to other branches to widen your market and fan base. Artists need to be diverse,” he said.

Gusto has two albums to date and these are Vasikana Vaviri which is a product of TRB Music as well as Babe Ngyak’fela, recorded at Solid Records.

The album, recorded, mixed and mastered at Amapiano Capital Records by Collin will be available on major music streaming platforms. It takes one through a journey of self-discovery in love and different circumstances in life.

“The album speaks of my journey and how life has molded me to be the man I am today. It’s about celebrating the love I now have, reminiscing on those who have come and gone, lessons learnt from interpersonal relationships and lastly, Ngenzeni is an apology to all the people that I have wronged in the past.” – @eMKlass_49

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