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Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Online Reporter

Zimbabwe Sotho Development Initiative (ZIMSODI) director Mrs Maretha Dube has urged parents and guardians to inculcate speaking of mother tongues among children at household level.

In a statement to mark the national mother tongue day Mrs Dube is also the national chairperson of the Zimbabwe Indigenous Languages Promotion Association (ZILPA) and also language research assistant in the Midlands State University National Language Institute (MSNLI) said children should not only be exposed to their mother tongue when at school.

The mother tongue day which is held every year of 21 February is organised by UNESCO. This year the day is being held under the theme Multilingual Education- a necessity to transform education.

The theme encourages inclusive education which promotes teaching of former marginalised languages.

“This year’s mother tongue theme promotes the teaching of different languages in schools. In addition to that there is also need for us as communities and families to take pride of our mother tongue. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our languages but we must be free to use them.

“ Let’s use our languages in public spaces and let’s also use them at home. Our children should learn their mother language firstly from home. They shouldn’t be exposed to their mother language when they get to school. A language is part of a person’s identity and let’s ensure that children know their identity,” she said.

Mrs Dube also urged public institutions such as courts to incorporate all languages in order to service all communities. She said Government has made significant efforts to promote formerly marginalised languages.


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