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HomenewsED ‘rejects’ Biden money

ED ‘rejects’ Biden money

Emmerson Mnangagwa ngwena finger


President Emmerson Mnangagwa has lashed out at the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa for relying on external forces including United States leader Joe Biden to develop Zimbabwe describing the act as misplaced and desperation.

Mnangagwa was addressing party supporters at the Robert Mugabe Square in Harare  yesterday ahead of the August 23 elections that he said will be won resoundingly by the ruling ZANU- PF party.

Mnangagwa said relying on external forces to develop the country was indication of leadership and strategy failure on the part of the opposition.

“You heard (Vice President Constantino) Chiwenga saying that this boy (Chamisa) said if he wins, Biden will come in with money. America was built by Americans, Japan by the Japanese, France by the French, China by the Chinese. Every country will be built by its own people yet this boy is crying out for Biden help to develop Zimbabwe. Help this boy, prepare some porridge for him to grow up,” he added.

On sanctions, Mnangagwa said the country has managed to bust the measures as shown by growth in the economy.

“For the last three years, Zimbabwe has been the fastest growing economy in SADC despite the sanctions. We have done well in tourism, in the mining sector and we are saying goodbye to our problems. We are now food secure and we are in our third year of food security.”

Mnangagwa’s jibe at the opposition leader was in apparent reference to Chamisa’s statement made at the Tuesday manifesto launch in Bulawayo where he told guests that once in office, Biden was only a phone call away to remove sanctions and have American investors in the country.

“Once we tick the boxes of leadership, sanctions will go away,” Chamisa said.

“The next morning I am going to lift my phone and say Mr Biden, we have done the deal, let us fix the country, let’s do business. Investors from America will come.”

The ZANU-PF leader took time to lambast  the opposition dominated urban local authorities for what he said was a glaring failure to provide service delivery urging party supporters to “kick them out.”

“Harare City Council is run by the opposition. They have messed up. They have failed, they cannot collect refuse and provide basic service delivery,” Mnangagwa said.

He added: “None of them will go to heaven (and) if you vote team ZANU- PF with Captain ED, ZANU-PF MP, and councillor, you will see heaven,” he said jokingly.

“We have a programme to assist a failing council in Harare but however, on the 23rd of August, we must democratically and constitutionally kick them out of councils and the weapon to kick out those failures is through your vote,” he added.

“ZANU- PF rejects the daylight robbery of the people’s hard-earned cash. The opposition is heartless; they must go now. Let’s vote them out of Town House.”

He said the ruling ZANU- PF party was going nowhere and voting the opposition was an insult to those who liberated the country.

On prevailing peace ahead of elections, Mnangagwa said: “No one will stop us from running this country. Not voting ZANU- PF is an insult to the liberators.”

“We only 14 days away from the elections. We have maintained peace but I am aware of detractors and negative forces who want to see the country engaging in violence, shame on them.”

“Do not ever perpetuate violence, we will deal with you. We need peace and harmony, we are a God-fearing nation and I congratulate you for a peaceful election.”




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