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HomenewsBIZTODAY Zimbabwe-China Trade | | victoriaadvocate.com

BIZTODAY Zimbabwe-China Trade | | victoriaadvocate.com

China-Zimbabwe trade hits new high in 2023 【Voice_over】 Sino-Zimbabwe trade which has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, hit a new high last year, growing by 29.9 percent, on the back of increased exports. 【Sound_bite】 Kudzai Magwenzi, Trade Intelligence Officer, Zimtrade: “In 2023 we recorded a 120 percent growth in our exports so we are at 1.3 billion in exports to China. Now China is the third biggest trading partner for Zimbabwe in terms of exports and has 17.7 percent of our exports.” 【Voice_over】 Zimbabwe’s exports exceeded imports giving the southern African nation a trade surplus of more than 300 million U.S. dollars. 【Stand_Up】 Farai Mwakutuya, Reporter: “Minerals and tobacco have constituted the majority of goods sold to China, however exports of other goods are also increasing with plans to grow even further.” 【Voice_over】 Last year Zimbabwe shipped its first consignment of citrus fruits to China under a recently signed protocol. 【Sound_bite】 Pete Breitenstein, President, Citrus Growers Association: “We believe we have the competence here, the resources what is required now is to upscale the planting programmes in Zimbabwe the training and obviously the infrastructure in terms of pack houses, the logistics chain…We are positive, we are confident China will be a good market for us in the future and a strong buyer of citrus fruit.” 【Voice_over】 In addition, Zimbabwe’s identified opportunities for indigenous, heritage based exports during the China International Expo in November. 【Sound_bite】 Kudzai Magwenzi, Trade Intelligence Officer, Zimtrade: “We saw that there was great interest in our arts and crafts, we saw that there was interest in our afro-centric fruits, especially the baobab and its by products, we also so saw that there was interest in essential oils…not only that we also saw that there as great interest in our exotic leather.” 【Voice_over】 Zimbabwe is also exploring markets in China for its horticultural produce such as blueberries, avocados and sesame seed.

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