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Asaph amplifies fight against drug abuse with new single, “It’s Never Too Late”

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Natasha Mutsiba, [email protected]

NOTICING how the lives of youths are being cut short because of drugs, Hip-hop artiste, Asaph has dropped another song of hope titled “It’s Never Too Late”.

In a press release, Asaph said the song is a beacon of hope for those that are going through challenges in their lives.

“Those who know me know I have my share of struggles with alcohol, so I feel very strongly about giving people in my situation, and even those addicted to drugs and other substances, that glimmer of hope that says there is still a chance to save themselves and set their lives straight. This song will, hopefully, serve as a bridge between the addicted and their loved ones to help them understand each other better so the victims can be saved,” said Asaph in a press release.

He said the song came at a very good time as the fight against drug and substance abuse in Zimbabwe is a very topical issue with the youth falling victim as they struggle to find direction in their life.

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He said through the song, he wanted to be the voice of the voiceless and alert those that are addicted to drugs that it’s never too late to change.

“Every day I wake up to news of friends or family either being committed or dying from drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning and I always wish I could do more to help them because the Lord knows that could very easily have been me! I want to talk to everyone through this song and let them know that healing doesn’t have to be instant or miraculous, but it is possible and it’s a journey, no matter how far you feel you are. Nobody is perfect. We are all works in progress. That’s why I keep saying it’s never too late.”

The song was produced by Asaph’s long-time collaborator Sparks25.

The song sung in English and Ndebele will be available to stream from today on Asaph’s YouTube [email protected] and it will come complete with a lyric video courtesy of Asaph’s media team Rebel Film [email protected]


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