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Abigail Mabuza’s Plumtree show cancelled over money dispute with promoter

Mthabisi Tshuma, [email protected]

MUSICIAN Abigail Mabuza’s debut show in Plumtree town has been cancelled due to differences between the songstress and the organiser over  money.

The show had been set for the border town on Friday at KoNdabayakhe nightclub but alas Abigail Mabuza and promoter Sir Prince could not agree about logistical issues.

This called for the Single hitmaker to call off the show and make a booking for a Mbalabala gig instead on Friday night.

A distraught Sir Prince said he was distressed about the gig which had already been dubbed “Unforgettable Night Party”.

“That lady (Abigail Mabuza) is just something else. She cancelled the show on Monday this week after she got a promise of a show that pays better in Mbalabala. How unprofessional of her. I am heartbroken no lie.

“Our artistes need thinking managers not just these Jack and Jills. I am disappointed big time,” said Sir Prince.

Speaking to Chronicle Showbiz Abigail Mabuza said she was geared up for the Plumtree gig but the failure to have an agreement on logistical issues forced her to call off the gig.

“The issue here is that the money that was offered by Prince was just too little. He had planned to take the gate takings and also be in charge of alcohol sales. I asked to take charge of gate sales, which he refused.

“He had also wanted us to pay for our own sound, do the marketing in terms of posters and our food and refreshments. When you look at it, there was no going to be any gain in this whole gig,” said Abigail Mabuza.

She said she was disheartened with the extent that Sir Prince has badmouthed her brand, something which she will address as she is going to organise her own show in the border town.

“What pains me the most is that he has went around telling people that I am someone who is impossible to work with which is totally not true. To show the validity of my statement I promise my fans that we will organise a show in Plumtree soon and it will be big with or without him,” said Abigail Mabuza.

Meanwhile, Abigail Mabuza’s manager Dalubuhle Bhebhe said there are geared up for a show in Mbalabala and another in Solusi on Saturday.

“This weekend it’s a Matabeleland South affair and we start off the Friday at Mbalabala Night club in Mbalabala town while on Saturday we will be at Nkomz General Dealer along Solusi-Tshefunye road just after Gwayi river.

“People should come in their numbers and experience live the talent that Abigail Mabuza has,” he said.


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